Forest-Climate Working Group Policy Platform Introduction

Tapping Forests for Climate: A Forest-Climate Working Group Agenda for the 117th Congress

Tapping Forests for Climate: A Forest-Climate Working Group Agenda for the 117th Congress



The Forest-Climate Working Group has developed a new policy platform that outlines how policymakers can help private forest owners and public land managers grow the powerful climate solutions in America’s forests and forest products while delivering other environmental and economic benefits. The recommendations within the latest platform, for the 117th Congress, fall into four categories: maintain and expand forest cover; improve forest practices for carbon, adaptation and resilience; advance markets for forest carbon, forest products and skilled labor; and enhance climate data and applied science. Join experts representing the diverse voices within the Forest-Climate Working Group to learn about our platform and how the Forest-Climate Working Group can be a resource for policymakers.

Panel discussion featuring the following speakers:

  • Lauren Cooper, Program Director, Forest Carbon and Climate Program, Michigan State University
  • Lynn Scarlett, Chief External Affairs Officer, The Nature Conservancy
  • Margaret, Regina, and Louise Hartman, family farm owners in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
  • Eric Holst, Associate Vice President of the Working Lands Program, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Victoria Lockhart, ESG Strategy Manager, Resource Management Service



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