FSG-Nigeria Contributes to Historic Climate Change Policy and Climate Smart Agriculture Profiling involving Stakeholders including Traditional Leaders

Nigeria's National Agricultural Technology & Innovation Policy emphasizes the significance of Digital and Climate Smart Agriculture for food security and sustainable economic development at Kebbi State.

Nigeria’s National Agricultural Technology & Innovation Policy (2022 – 2027) captured Digital and Climate Smart Agriculture as critical to the country delivering on food security and sustainable economic development. To this end, with support from USAID Nigeria, FSG’s Nigeria Agricultural Policy Activity (NAPA) has supported the implementation of the country’s current Agricultural Policy with the development of Climate Smart Agriculture Profiles for Benue and Kebbi States. This development follows similar FSG assistance for a Smart Agriculture Profile in Ebonyi State but expands the stakeholder engagement with the involvement of traditional leaders in the three states. In Benue, Ebonyi and Kebbi States, first class traditional leaders shaped the discussions on climate change and agriculture in their respective states. This is important given that these traditional leaders are custodians of culture and customs, and more important, closest to majority of the population where agriculture in Nigeria happens. 

Thumbnail_WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 1.52.34 PM (2).jpgThe presentation of the State Climate Smart Agriculture Profile in Kebbi State took place on October 9, 2023. Like Benue and Ebonyi States, this public presentation showcased the state's dedication to environmental stewardship and the role that traditional leaders can play in fostering resilience to the challenges posed by climate change. The discussion was marked by insightful conversations, presentations, and collaboration among traditional leaders, scholars, and policymakers. 

As Nigeria and the world grapple with the challenges of climate change, Kebbi State University's event served as a testament to the state's forward-thinking approach to fostering environmental sustainability and economic growth.

The commitment of traditional leaders to this cause is poised to be a pivotal driving force behind the state’s journey towards a climate-resilient and sustainable future. 


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