Geocache for college cash

Incorporate this fun financial education activity into your college campus during Money Smart Week.

In 2015, Michigan Money Smart Week (MSW) is implementing a new initiative across the state to engage 18-24 year olds in personal finance education programs: “Geocache for College Cash.” Originating in 2013 by Iowa’s Money Smart Week team, this program can be easily replicated throughout college campuses and other post-secondary educational institutions using very few resources and a small time commitment.

How does it work?

Participating colleges receive a set of seven educational posters designed with infographics on money management topics. Each poster has a quick response (QR) code that students scan to answer a question pertaining to the information presented on the poster. Each poster focuses on one of the following personal finance topics every college student should understand:

  • What your paycheck tells you.
  • Debit or credit?
  • Buyer beware: stolen identity?
  • Car loans: lemon or luck?
  • Is your credit score an A+?
  • College loans: can you pay on time?
  • Budget for success.

The contest is entirely web-based and open for play during MSW, April 18 - 25, 2015.Students using smart phone technology then go geocaching to find the posters, read them, scan the QR code to access the quiz question and enter their answers. By participating in the program, students gain financial information as well as have a chance to win $1,000 in college tuition assistance provided by The Financial Planning Association of Michigan.

Michigan State University Extension encourages colleges that are interested in participating to first sign up as a MSW Partner before promoting and implementing the program. Michigan MSW team members are available to help with events, brainstorming, marketing and to answer questions. Michigan State University, Walsh College, Schoolcraft College, Wayne State University and St. Clair Community College are among some of the colleges that have committed to this new initiative so far.

Don’t delay; join the initiative today to provide a fun, unique, hands-on opportunity to teach financial literacy to your students.

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