Groups in Office 365

Basic information on groups in Office 365 and links for more information.


Groups experience in Office 365 provides you with:

  1. Accessible from the Mailbox Menu in Outlook online as well as the Outlook 365 computer application.
  2. Shared Inbox (Conversations) – For email conversations between your members. This inbox has an email address and can be set to accept messages from people outside the group and even outside your organization, much like a traditional distribution list.

  3. SharePoint Document Library (Files) – A central place for the group to store and share files.
  4. Shared Calendar  – For scheduling events related to the group.

  5. Shared OneNote Notebook – For gathering ideas, research, and information.

  6. Planner– For assigning and managing project tasks among your group members.

  7. SharePoint Team Site– A central repository for information, links and content relating to your group.

For more information on groups, visit the Microsoft Office 365 Help Documentation.

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