Japanese beetles are on the way

Avoid pruning your plants in July or August. Unless, of course, you plan on serving pie to Japanese beetles.

July 1, 2011 - Author: Dave Smitley, , Department of Entomology

You can expect to find Japanese beetles on your favorite flowers any day now. Unfortunately, we don’t have any non-chemical methods of protecting plants other than removing of the beetles by hand. Susceptible plants can be protected with a combination of an imidacloprid basal drench (Tree and Shrub Insect Control, or other imidacloprid products), and weekly sprays of carbaryl (Sevin) or cyfluthrin (Multi-Insect Killer, or others).

Japanese beetles can smell their favorite food plants, so keep your favorite plants as pest-free as possible and don’t prune them in July or August, because to them, the smell of crushed leaves is like a freshly baked apple pie.

Japanese Beetle
Japanese beetle. Photo credit: Bruce Mackellar, MSUE.

Dr. Smitley's work is funded in part by MSU's AgBioResearch.

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