John R.S. Tabuti

John participated in the Graduate Certificate while working as a full-time professor at Makere University in Kampala, Uganda.

John R.S. Tabuti in the field

John R.S. Tabuti 

Current Location: Kampala, Uganda 

Current Position: Professor, Makere University 

Previous Education: Ph.D., Ethnobotany 

What specific knowledge and skills did you expect to strengthen with this program?

 To list a few: 

  • Social and human dimensions that regulate human behavior and conservation of biological resources
  • Concepts of tenure, participation, property rights
  • Financing of carbon projects and carbon economics
  • Elements of stakeholder engagement

How has your marketability increased as a professional?

I can now act as a potential consultant and educator on issues of climate change mitigation and especially REDD+. My capacity for supervising graduate social research projects has greatly improved.

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