Lauren Cooper presents on ‘What Would NGO Users Like to See More Of & Less Of?’ as a part of the 2020 FIA User Group Meeting

Lauren discusses challenges and solutions of important topics with implications for FIA for FCCP stakeholders.

Lauren Cooper, program director of the Michigan State University Forest Carbon and Climate Program (MSU FCCP) participates in the 2020 FIA User Group Meeting. Lauren speaks on the topic 'What Would NGO Users Like to See More Of & Less Of?' 

Lauren discusses the challenges and solutions of the major areas with implications for FIA, including; Knowledge Transfer, Inventory and Carbon, and Policy. During her presentation, Lauren explains many of the outcomes and benefits associated with solution adoption:

  • Broader use of FIA for climate impact assessment of various interventions.
  • Inventories directly support land use and management policymaking for climate change mitigation.
  • Improved comparability in inventory and monitoring methods.
  • Ability to efficiently quantify intervention impacts in carbon storage.

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