Macomb County message from the district coordinator 2017-18

Michigan State University Extension continues to serve the residents of Macomb County through the educational process that applies knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities.

Message from the District Coordinator

In 2017 Michigan State University and Macomb County continued their proud tradition of working together to serve Macomb residents. This year, county residents experienced over 33,473 points of contact where they received resources to help improve and enrich their lives. Michigan Sate University Extension strives to develop youth, help people live healthier lifestyles, improve their environments and much more. We thank you again for the continued partnership and look forward to servicing Macomb residents in the future.

Edward Scott

Measuring Impact

  • 4-H Youth Development: 7,661
    • Volunteers: 564
  • Natural Resources & Sea Grant: 5,406
    • Volunteers: 47
  • Health, Nutrition & Wellness: 3,424
  • Community Food Systems and Safety: 1,840
  • Financial Literacy: 1,206
  • Product Center: 69
  • Consumer Horticulture: 10,976
    • Master Gardener Volunteers: 365
    • Garden Hotline & Diagnostics: 1,915


Expanding Our Digital Reach

  • In 2017, the MSU Extension website received 66,003 visits from Macomb County. This is almost double the number of web visits in 2016.
  • 82 percent of those visits were first time visitors to the MSU Extension website. This represents a shift in the ways that Macomb residents access MSU Extension resources.
  • The majority of the increased web traffic was accessed through a mobile device and referred through links that were posted on social media.

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