Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society offers free membership

Student memberships are a great way for those still earning degrees to gain access to invaluable resources on lake management issues, participate in educational offerings that can build upon their field of study and build their network.

The freshwater resources of Michigan are perhaps the state’s greatest treasures. Dotted with thousands of inland lakes, Michigan enjoys a unique resource that is unparalleled. For all of us who live, work and play in and around these wonderful lake resources, there is a vital role to be shared in their protection, management and wise use.

The purpose of the Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society (McNALMS) is to promote understanding and comprehensive management of Michigan's inland lake ecosystems. McNALMS includes members from state, federal and local agencies, university researchers, lake board members, lake and homeowner association members, educators, students, interested citizens and professional lake managers and contractors working in limnology, biology, fisheries, recreation and engineering.

McNALMS provides a unique opportunity for a diverse set of individuals, groups and lake advocates to come together to achieve shared lake protection and restoration objectives. The organization is strongly interested in lake research and the application of that research to the effective management of lakes. Importantly, McNALMS understands that in order for this to happen, there is a strong need to engage local citizens who are integrally involved in the implementation of lake protection strategies.

McNALM’s charges are to:

  • Encourage collaboration, cooperation, interaction and partnership among lake and watershed management agencies and organizations to address problems impacting Michigan's lakes, and advocate for legislation and programs to support lake management in Michigan.
  • Promote the sharing of information and experiences on scientific, financial, administrative, legal and legislative aspects of lake and watershed management
  • Foster the development of lake restoration and protection programs at local, state and national levels
  • Promote wise lake management by enhancing public awareness through education
  • Provide a forum for citizens and managers to share ideas and promote common objectives.

McNALMS is also an affiliate of the national/international organization, North American Lake Management Society. Through this affiliation, McNALMS is able to draw on the expertise of scientists, engineers, policymakers and citizens from throughout the world.

McNALMS offers a variety of educational offerings and resources in which students can become involved. They publish an online newsletter, host educational offerings including an annual conference, and maintain a web site with links to important resources and key organizations in Michigan concerned with lake management.

Those who share McNALMS’s interest in protecting and restoring Michigan's magnificent lake resources are invited to join McNALMS to add their voice to McNALMS’s growing and active effort. McNALMs offers student membership at no cost as a way to encourage those pursuing degrees to get involved with the organization and reap valuable benefits. For more information about Michigan’s water resources, contact your local Michigan State University Extension educator.

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