MMG udergrad Alassane Sow enjoys working as a research assistant in PSM

Microbiology major crosses the street for his part time job as a research assistant in the Bonito lab

MEET PSM student employee

Alassane Sow

Job: Student Research Assistant  

Major: Environmental Microbiology

Year: Senior

Why: “Here I get to look at a lot of different organisms, and see how they interact with their environment,” Alassane says.

Alassane had put some fungus and some nematodes together in the lab and was watching them regularly through the microscope. “Over time I noticed that the nematodes were disappearing.”


“I get to see really cool stuff in the microscope”

Searching the slide, he discovered a nematode bound up in mycelium from the fungus! Alassane felt like he was in the right place—doing field work inside the lab. “I really like learning about ecology and how soil and plants and fungus and bacteria all interact with each other.”


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