MSU Extension Breakfast on the Farm organizers are seeking host farms for 2020

Since 2009, forty Breakfast on the Farm events have been held in Michigan. After a one year break, Michigan State University Extension is once again looking for host farm families.

Breakfast on the Farm (BOTF) is a program that showcases Michigan farms in an effort to bridge the gap between the non-farm public and Michigan agriculture. With fewer than 2% of the U.S. population directly involved in agriculture and the majority of people 2-3 generations removed from modern agriculture, increasing transparency in modern food production is critically important. In addition, more and more people are interested in knowing where their food comes from; in particular how it is grown or raised.

While the program is not limited to these agricultural enterprises, over the last 10 years BOTF events have been held on dairy, beef, field crop, apple and potato farms in 27 counties throughout the upper and lower peninsulas. More than 89,000 people have attended MSU Extension’s Breakfast on the Farm events which include a free breakfast and self-guided farm tour. Key to the program’s success are the farm families who invite the public to visit their farms. These families willingly open their doors to show how they care for animals, protect the environment and produce safe, wholesome and nutritious food.

Because of the size and scope of the event, BOTF is not for every farm or every farmer. To determine if it is right for you and your family, we encourage you to use the list of previous host farms and resources at to guide your decision. 

Farmers interested in joining the effort to increase transparency in agriculture are encouraged to reach out via phone or email to Mary Dunckel, MSU Extension educator at (989) 354-9875/ or Ashley Kuschel, MSU Extension Breakfast on the Farm coordinator at (586) 469-7616/ We are available to help you complete an application and guide you through the event planning process from start to finish. With 40 programs under our belt, we have critical information, experience and knowledge to ensure that your Breakfast on the Farm event will be successful, educational and something you and your family will remember for years to come.

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