MSU Extension’s Adulting 101 helps individuals manage and conquer real life skills

Monthly Adulting 101 classes impact financial and work habits among young adults.

A college of different pictures. ONe has the words health insurance in Scrabble tiles; one has two young women talking over coffee; one is someone typing on a calculator, one is the word scam next to pretend money; one is a ballot box with the word VOTE; one is two young girls doing their homework; one is a young lady sewing clothes; one is a person holding car keys; one is fruits and vegetables and one is feet standing at the junction of three arrows going differing directions. In the middle of the photos are the words Adulting 101; manage and conquer real life skills. New topics monthly.

Michigan State University Extension experts have developed a series of workshops designed to provide life skills education to assist young people in transitioning to adulthood. Under the title of Adulting 101, the series includes lessons in career preparation, financial literacy, communication, leadership, civics and healthy living. Sixteen free Adulting 101 sessions were offered virtually in 2022, reaching a total of 830 participants across the state and many additional young people across the nation.

Following the workshops on workplace professional, attendees commented:

  • “I learned that if you have the right attitude, you can be more successful and to say no when you need to.” 
  • “I learned that having good manners and being well dressed may help your employer to know that you are serious about your job.” 
  • “Do research before you believe everything coworkers say.” 
  • “I learned how time management is important and that dressing is big too.” 

To meet financial literacy goals, a session entitled "Avoiding Money Mishaps" was offered. This class sought to increase awareness and provide practical tips for youth to prevent identity theft, predatory lending, scams and fraud. After the session, 95 percent felt more confident in protecting their identity and in their ability to avoid scams and fraud. Comments from youth who took the class included: 

  • “This class will help me avoid suspicious and unsafe scammers and people who steal identities.”  
  • “I will start shredding my mail and expired forms of identification before throwing them away.”  
  • “Thank you, this helps me very much. I can’t wait for the next classes.” 

Based on feedback from participants, Adulting 101 sessions will continue to be offered monthly throughout 2023, with several new topics being added. New sessions for 2023 include Medical Insurance 101, Cracking the Code to College, How to Buy a Car, Eating Healthy on a Budget, and Sew What! Clothing Care saves Cash.

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