MSU Extension Workplace Wellness Initiative

Learn more MSU Extension 2018 Workplace Wellness Goals.

Spartans Will! MSU Extension is striving to foster workplace wellness. The 2018 workplace wellness committee has been busy engaging in the following activities:

We conducted an employee interest survey and are engaged in an ongoing evaluation of our health promotion activities using multiple data sources to obtain a complete picture of where we are and where we want to be. 

We have signed a health meeting pledge to ensure that healthy food and beverage choices are provided at meetings and events. Please use the Michigan State University Extension Health Meeting Guidelines checklist to help you plan the next time you will be serving food or beverages at a meeting or event.

We will be offering health promotion activities, education programs and/or behavior change programs for the entire workforce. You may have noticed that this last Fall Extension Conference had many sessions related to mental and physical health and more opportunities to get up and move. We are also offering Mini Grants to allow Extension employees to get creative with ways to improve the health and well-being of their office environment. 

We are working with MSU Extension leadership and human resources to develop a policy /written procedure that ensures physical activity opportunities are available during the work day.

Are you in interested in contributing to Michigan State University Extension WorkLife Wellness efforts? For 2019, we are looking for a small, diverse new group of employees to represent a cross-section of the MSUE employee population, representing various occupations, locations and demographics to serve on this committee. If you are interested please respond by October 31, 2018.


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