Natalie Alex

Natalie Alex will participate in the Graduate Certificate while working full time at the American Forest Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Natalie Alex, Weyerhaeuser Fellow

Natalie Alex

Current Location: Washington D.C.

Current Position: Policy Manager for the American Forest Foundation

Previous Education: B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife with a concentration in water sciences from Michigan State University

What are your responsibilities as the Policy Manager at American Forest Foundation?

I work to ensure family forest owners and the benefits their lands provide get the representation they deserve. I strive to have a positive impact on family forest policy, including the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and the recent passage of the disaster aid package. I am currently working on policy that supports our financial and incentive mechanisms for the Family Forest Carbon Program, a partnership between the American Forest Foundation (AFF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), leading U.S. businesses, and state and federal agencies to engage America’s 21 million family forest owners in globally significant climate mitigation. Along with my engagement in forest carbon, I also work to advance state-level policy in California to further the state's fire resiliency strategy on family forestland.

How do you see completing the Graduate Certificate as fitting in with your career and/or career goals?

It will help me advance my knowledge of forests role in climate mitigation so I can pursue future natural climate solutions in policy.

What specific knowledge and skills do you expect to strengthen with this program?

History of forest carbon - what we already know, what research still needs to be done. What barriers are impeding forest carbon projects form being successful. How can we engage the United States in more forest carbon work/policy. 

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