Now is a good time to see three notorious beetles: European chafer, emerald ash borer, Japanese beet

European chafer beetles were very active on warm evenings around dusk in Lansing this past week. Sometimes a few dead ones remained on the sidewalk the next morning. In Lansing, they will be gone soon because they only fly for about a three-week period. Lots of European chafer adults means there could be lots of grubs in low-maintenance turf this fall with the damage most visible from September to November, following periods of dry weather that cause wilting or the turf to go dormant.

Emerald ash borer beetle have also been very active on warm, sunny afternoons. To see the beetles, look up at the leaves of infested ash trees on a warm afternoon from under the tree. Watch for a ragged edge on leaves where they have been feeding, and dark elongate shadows on the undersides of leaves (3/8 to half an inch long) caused by beetles sitting on the tops of leaves. You may see some of the green beetles themselves on low branches at eye level. They have already reached peak activity in the Lansing area, but some can be found throughout July.

Japanese beetles just started to emerge over the last two weeks. Activity will increase throughout July, peaking in late July and early August.

beetle comparison
Adult beetles of the most important turf pests.
Photo credit: Dave Shetlar, OSU

Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald ash borer.

Japanese beetle
Japanese beetle.

forest tent caterpillar
Forest tent caterpillar.

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