Patrick Mohney

Patrick will participate in the Graduate Certificate while working full time at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Headshot of Patrick Mohney, 2022-23 Weyerhaeuser Fellow.

Patrick Mohney

Current Location: Frederic, MI

Current Position: Senior Lands Program Manager, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Executive Office

Previous Education: Bachelor of Science, Professional Forestry, Michigan State University, 2006

What are your responsibilities at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources?

I manage and oversee the renewable energy efforts, climate and sustainability programs, recreation economy and land strategy implementation on public lands for the State of Michigan.

How do you see completing the Graduate Certificate as fitting in with your career and/or career goals?

I work in programs directly related to carbon and climate. I am able to take what I have learned and directly apply it to the lands that I oversee and manage.

What specific knowledge and skills do you expect to strengthen with this program?

I am in the very beginning of the program, and the knowledge that I have gained already has been beneficial. There is an entirely different vocabulary that is used when referencing climate. The knowledge that I have gained around the economics and trading mechanisms has also been very helpful.

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