Population study on dry beans

What was the effect of planting population on dry bean yield at this location this year?

Beans drying

A population study on dry beans was established in Huron County in 2019. Planted populations ranged from 95,000 seeds per acre to 135,000 seeds per acre, in increments of 10,000 seeds per acre. See background information on the plot below.

Cooperators: Charlie and Seth Briolat

Nearest town: Ubly, Michigan

Previous crop: Sugarbeets

Row spacing: 20 inches

Variety: Black Bear black beans

Planting date: June 12

Harvest date: Oct. 10

Plot type: Strips, 260 feet by 30 feet, replicated four times.

Effect of Population on Dry Bean Yield 2019

Planted PopulationActual PopulationYield (lbs. / A)Sig
95, 000 90,970 2380 a
105, 000 102,512 2273 a
115,000 111,327 2373 a
125,000 119,945 2310 a
135,000 128,833 2745 a
LSD 0.05 (lbs/A) 587    
CV (%) 10.8    

Yields of all five planting rates were statistically similar. These results differ from last year, where all planted populations 95,000 – 125,000 yielded statistically similarly, and the 135,000 planted population yielded significantly lower than the 95,000 and the 125,000 planted populations.

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