PSM Welcomes New Faculty Member Barret Wessel

Meet Dr. Barret Wessel, Ph.D., a new faculty member who recently joined PSM as an assistant professor.

Barret Wessel has joined our faculty team – Dr. Wessel’s research generally focuses on the genesis, morphology, and management of soils. His specialty is wetland and subaqueous soils, but his interests also include agricultural soils, and urban and anthropogenic soils. 

“Michigan has a rich diversity of both native and invasive shellfish and aquatic plants,” Barret says, “and these organisms have preferences for the substrates that they inhabit, and they can alter those substrates in ways that impact water quality. By understanding those preferences and mechanisms of alteration, we can better use limited conservation and restoration resources to manage watersheds and aquatic ecosystems to improve water quality. A lot of carbon can be stored in soils, especially wet soils, so this has implications for how we are going to deal with climate change.” 

Wessel’s research also focuses on the science of teaching and learning and he is interested in evaluating the effectiveness of different teaching activities, including hands-on field experiences and professional development training, on student outcomes. “I’m committed to providing students with valuable learning experiences that they can apply to their lives and careers,” Wessel says. Welcome Barret! Stop by his office PSSB A580 and meet Barret at the Aug 29 All-Hands Meeting! 

See Barret Wessel’s faculty profile on the PSM web site.


Barret Wessel captures a soil core in the Chesapeake Bay

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