School Employee Wellness Series: Organize a committee

Leading by example, school employees can make a difference in the health of students.

Once a leader has been identified, the committee of health champions should be formed to move initiatives forward. A total leadership model is often driven by a health promotion committee. A health promotion committee can include a representative from senior leadership, middle/supervisory and lay leadership. Committee members can be assigned or volunteer. The goal of the committee is to guide the health promotion program and act as an advisory board. They often are the ones to also secure leadership support.

Committee goals can vary amongst school/district needs, but expectations may include:

  • Meet regularly to plan, develop, review and evaluate activities.
  • Inform school employees about program plans and obtain feedback.
  • Share concerns and provide positive and negative feedback received from school employees.
  • Assist with assessing needs and mapping resources.
  • Coordinate school employee wellness activities with student health-promotion activities.
  • Advocate for and participate in activities.
  • Assist with setting priorities for program offerings and expenditures.
  • Ensure that activities are aligned with the district’s policies.

Key traits of health champions include the ability to act as influencers to other employees, leading by example and are often active, visible and engaged in employee wellness. A group of two to eight members is recommended and should include a broad representation of the employees within a school. This should include support staff and various employees from different departments within a school.

Resources that can health promotion committees include:

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A school employee wellness program is vital to create a culture of health where students and employees can thrive. With all challenges, come daily successes in the lives of students and staff. For more information on each topic item please see future news articles on school employee wellness.

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