Slowing down on fast food

Treating fast food as a casual acquaintance instead of a best friend.

If you are in the habit of eating out for lunch almost every day, especially at a burger place or other fast food hang out, Michigan State University Extension recommends these tips to get you started on a slowdown track.

  • Find a burger or sandwich that has fewer calories and less fat than the one you usually eat.
  • Order the burger or sandwich only and drink water.
  • Not ready to give up the fries and drink? Eat only half the fries and consume only half the drink.
  • If eating only half the fries and drink seems like a waste, share the half with a friend.
  • Split two meals - you can order the meal and your friend orders a salad, then split both orders in half. This way both of you get half the sandwich, fries, drink and salad.
  • If it’s only a salad that you order, hold the salad dressing or bring your own low-fat option.
  • Instead of fried chicken, fish or steak, ask for a grilled or roasted option.
  • Opt for a small soup and salad and go easy on the salad dressing.
  • Order or bring a veggie meal one day a week, with tons of water. Seems too radical? Add grilled fish or chicken.
  • Reserve the all-you-can-eat options for special occasions.

Keep in mind that moderation with any eating habit is a good thing. Practice any one of the above mentioned approaches for at least two or three weeks, then add a new good eating habit, before long your body will respond to being treated well and reward you for it.

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