Splish Splash Water Camp 2021:

Splish Splash Water Camp 2021:


Happy Monday and happy Last week of summer camp this summer! Wild how quickly this summer is going by-- I am not sure we are ready for it to end!

This beautiful Monday the Orange Peppers kicked off the day with flag ceremony. After flag ceremony we went down to the pavilion for the Stewards and Stewards in Training to lead us in our C.A.R.E.S. Contact skits.

After skits we headed out on a wagon ride around the farm! We saw quite a few deer out there! 

After it was time to head out to the garden. We learned about the importance of rain, why its important to track rain, how to use a rain gauges, etc.. We also were able to harvest some tomatoes for salsa later this week! 

After the garden it was time to do some animal chores! We also found a snack out in the goat pastures, the Yellow peppers had no fear. 

After chores it was time to do our tie dye for camp t shirt Friday and then off to lunch! 

After lunch we took a hike to the pond to learn about Riparian Buffers and their importance to water/animal/human heath. We read the story "Riparian's River" and took a pond walk to see it in action. 

After that we learned about erosion and how we can prevent it on our farm. We created our own little rived edge bottles and watched how we could use rocks, plants, mulch to prevent erosion and loosing our soil. 

After we headed over to the pavilion to have snack and paint our "teams" flag. 

Last activity for today was talking about our STEAM project for the week: Boat Building. We will work on building our boats this week and then test them out on Friday. 

Great Monday Campers! See you all tomorrow! 


Happy Tuesday! The Yellow Peppers kicked off the day with flag ceremony. 

After flag ceremony it was time to make some delicious Pony snacks for Sesame and Friday. We practiced our cutting and cooking skills and made them a delicious vegetable salad. As you can tell the ponies and humans loved it! 

After animal snacks it was time to head over to the Edu Garden to meet the Edu Garden Volunteers for a fun day in the garden doing various water activities. We made music with water, had a water balloon fight, and then made mini tornados in water bottles. After these fun activities we harvest some carrots of our afternoon snack and hung out in the mister to cool off! 

Then we headed over to the field to learn about how cities, houses, and farms use water and how we pollute the water. We learned that doing our best to use less water is the answer! 

Nest we headed over to the barn to do our animal chores. The green peppers got to milk a goat today! We learned about the importance of cleanliness and the uses of goats milk. 

After lunch we got building our boat. We have 3 days to make a functioning boat that we will test out on Friday. 

Then we headed out to the forest to build a waterproof shelter. We also talked about why a waterproof shelter would be important, different supplies you can use, and good and bad locations for shelters. 

The final activity of the day was playing water wizards. Water is a magical thing and has incredible powers. Its soft and easy to move and manipulate but can also be powerful and shapes our landscape everyday. Today we tested surface tension and talked about cohesion and adhesion. 

What a fun day! See you all tomorrow :) 


Happy Wednesday! Today the green peppers led our flag ceremony and did a terrific job!

After flag it was time to rush over to canoeing! We learned the importance of being safe on canoes, how to paddle, what to do if you go over, and played some games in the water. It was a great day to explore the pond :) 

After canoeing we headed over to the creek and learned about beaver and human dams. We even got to make our own beaver dam and test it against water. The campers did great! 

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