New tart cherry cost of production study available now

The newest tart cherry cost of production study is the most recent version since 2015. This version includes updated management costs with spotted wing Drosophila, earlier leaf spot controls and increased fertilizer prices in recent years.

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The new Michigan Tart Cherry Cost of Production Study has recently been updated by specialists at Michigan State University Extension and the Cherry Marketing Institute. As in past cost of production studies, we convene regional growers to provide input on the latest costs for all aspects of managing tart cherries in the state.

In addition to grower input, we collect and examine grower spray records for the past two-plus years. We also rely on third party data and information collected from agribusiness representatives and industry leadership. Information was compiled during the 2020-2022 growing seasons, and the Michigan Tart Cherry Cost of Production Study contains the most up-to-date costs available.

This informed document is valuable for growers to plan for future management strategies. Growers also use this cost of production to plan future orchards, remove older blocks and develop sustainable orchard profiles for their farms.

Cost of production is particularly important for growers to understand their true costs of growing tart cherries, and they can use this document to gauge profitability and/or losses during a season. In addition to higher costs for inputs in recent years, growers will also note significant changes in labor costs, another aspect of agriculture that has increased in recent years.

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