Training and certification in high school can provide options for careers and college

As a high school student, check into training and certification to provide career options.

Putting the puzzle pieces in place to prepare for a career is important for students in high school. Attending a workshop, seminar or a series of classes for some type of training or certification is a benefit for youth. Receiving a certification for something related to a trade can open doors for other options in college or career decisions. Here is an example of how youth can receive certification and some options they have related to certification.

Earlier this year, six teens in Berrien County completed a tractor safety and emergency preparedness training through the Michigan State University Extension Berrien County 4-H Tractor Operator Program. These teens developed a skill and a trade and put themselves in a great position to gain work experience. Learning a trade such as operating a tractor can lead to different careers. As a result of operating a tractor during the high school years, youth can look into other careers to operate heavy equipment in construction. Careers in this area do not require a college degree.

If students are interested in attending college, they have already been exposed to the field of agriculture and natural resources. Michigan State University has majors in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources that could possibly be a good fit for youth to match the certification in operating a tractor or the experience of working in agriculture. What if a student is interested in how a tractor works and would like to study how to improve the mechanics of operating a tractor or improve the engines or other parts of a tractor? Students can check into one of the majors in the College of Engineering at MSU.

As students in high school, seek to find some type of training and certification in a trade. Put yourself in a position to create options for your future as a high school graduate entering the workforce or as a high school graduate entering college. Try to check out certain places like career technology centers, community colleges, local community education centers or programs like Michigan 4-H Youth Development to see what is offered. Some programs may have a cost, but consider this as an investment in your career preparation for the future.

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