WEF Summit in Detroit Highlights Mass Timber

In October 2022, MassTimber@MSU Director Sandra Lupien participated in the “Urban Transformation Summit,” which highlighted mass timber as a strategy to achieve more sustainable, resilient, carbon-neutral communities.

WEF Summit in Detroit Highlights Mass Timber

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For the second year in a row, the World Economic Forum hosted its Urban Transformation Summit in Downtown Detroit. The 2022 event, held from October 10-12, highlighted mass timber as part of several key conversations with participation by MassTimber@MSU Director, Sandra Lupien.

The summit brought together public, private, and non-profit sector leaders from around the world to discuss sustainable economic, business, and community development strategies from electrifying buildings and transportation, prioritizing green spaces and nature in urban environments, harnessing technological innovation and finance, and using sustainable building materials like mass timber.

Lupien participated in two key conversations: “Harnessing Nature for More Resilient Cities” and “Accelerating Sustainable Construction in Cities.” In addition, she facilitated an intimate roundtable conversation titled “Mass Timber: Opportunities for the Great Lakes Region,” which has led to new conversations and collaboration that could increase the capacity of our regional mass timber ecosystem.  

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