Proposal Processing


Find the deadline for submitting your proposal and make sure you are performing the below actions by the designated business days before.

Please note:  Submitting a pre-proposal (also referred to as a Letter of Intent to Submit a Proposal, a Preliminary Proposal, White Paper, or Concept Paper) typically does not require a KC Proposal Document (PD) except in certain situations. If you are submitting a pre-proposal you must read the following FAQ: Do I need to do a Proposal Document in KC for a letter of intent or a pre-proposal?

20 Business Days Before: Send the solicitation to the grants team

Email the grants office, your ID, AID, and the DC. Attach the solicitation.  If you have submitted in KC before, copy the previous proposal for your new proposal, and get your new PD#. Set up Ann & Deb in the permissions tab as aggregators so they can assist. If you have not submitted in KC before, contact Deb Richardson (or the grants team) to set up a Zoom training meeting.

12 Business Days Before: Send your final budget & justification

Build your budget in the KC system. When the final budget is ready for review, check the final box next to budget to be used on the budget versions tab and save it. Under the Abstracts and Attachments tab in KC, attach: copy of RFP/RFA, budget justification/narrative, and scope of work. Let the grants team know it is ready for review. Grants Team will review budget and send to Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for institutional approval.

6 Business Days Before: Compete final proposal

Email grants team and your ID, AID, and DC that you proposal is final and ready to be routed for institutional approval. Include PD#. Grants team must route proposals in time to get all proposal approvals prior to your submission of proposal to funder.


Downloadable PDF of deadlines

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