Service Agreements

What is a Service Agreement?

A service agreement is a legally binding arrangement between two parties that dictates the terms for a fee for service activity. Per MSU’s Manual of Business Procedures, a fee for service activity involves the provision of a deliverable generated using standard procedures and/or established theories and methods.

In simple terms, MSUE staff are providing a service to their community that does not require new research or analysis. This could be educational programming, consulting, facilitation, etc. A service agreement establishes the terms and conditions of the service.

If you are unsure if a program requires a service agreement or have any other questions, please contact us at for advice.


Who Supports Service Agreements?

The MSUE Grant Services team will support you through the process of completing the documents. Complete the Service Agreement Request Form as soon as you discover you may need an agreement.


How do I Start the Service Agreement Process?

The first step is to complete the Service Agreement Request Form. The form collects the information needed to build a cost recovery budget and draft the agreement terms. Please complete the form to the best of your ability. Grant Services will follow up if there is any additional information or clarification needed.

To assist in filling out the form and planning programming, please review this PDF of questions you will be asked.


What is the Process for Service Agreements?

The below process is carried out by the field staff and the MSUE Grant Services team.

  1. Complete the Service Agreement Request Form.
  2. Grant Services will work with the Educator to create the budget and finalize the scope of work.
  3. Grant Services facilitates the electronic signature process and collects needed signatures (client, Institute Director, CGA, etc., depending on the requirements of the agreement).
  4. Grant Services staff logs approved agreement, opens the subaccount, and returns the fully signed agreement to the Educator.
  5. Educator carries out services based on the terms and conditions established in the signed agreement.
  6. Educator notifies Grant Services of program completion. (Educator responsibility)
  7. The Grant Services team generates the invoices and sends to the client unless an invoice was needed in advance. In that situation, the Educator needs to inform the Grant Services team of this prior to the program. 

 A visual model of the current service agreement proposal process is below.

Service Agreement Flow Chart - External


Who can sign Service Agreements?

Who signs an agreement depends on the monetary amount of the agreement and if our approved template is used. Signatures are collected by Grant Services staff using a tool called SignRequest. Click here for a demonstration of the signature process in SignRequest.

Institute Directors have delegated signature authority granted to them to sign agreements that use the MSU Service Agreement template approved by the General Counsel and are worth less than $5,000.

Extension Director Quentin Tyler has delegated signature authority granted to him to sign agreements that use the MSU Service Agreement template approved by the General Counsel and are worth between $5,000 and $10,000.

Any agreement exceeding $10,000 must be signed off by CGA, which adds to the timeline for approvals.

If an organization requests to use their own template or requests changes to our approve template, the contract must be reviewed and approved by General Counsel and then sent to CGA for signature. This adds to the timeline for approvals.


What should I do with MOUs, MOAs (except county), and Partner Contracts or Agreements?

Please send them to We will facilitate review and signature by the appropriate individuals.


What should I do with space, facilities, fairground or transportation contracts?

Please work with the ANR Events team. To begin the signature process, submit your contract here: 


What if I'm not sure what kind of contract I'm being asked to sign?

Please feel free to send the contract to We can direct you to the correct team for processing.