Administrative Handbook


This handbook is a compilation of policies from the MSU Faculty Handbook, the MSU Support Staff Handbook, and other MSUE policies and procedures specific to MSU Extension employees and operations.

When appropriate, every effort has been made to reproduce MSU policies accurately and to apply them correctly to MSU Extension. Responsibility for final interpretation of any MSU policy lies with the University.

For MSUE policies, the Director or the Director's designate has authority regarding their meaning and interpretation.

Modification of MSU Extension policies must be in writing by, or at the direction of, the Director. The MSU Extension policies will be updated from time to time by, or at the direction of, the Director. The Director retains the sole prerogative to add MSU Extension policies or delete MSU Extension policies.

All MSU Extension employees are obliged to understand and follow the policies/procedures/processes contained in this handbook.

Questions regarding interpretation of the handbook policies should be addressed to MSU Extension Human Resources.

MSU Extension Administrative Handbook