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FMLA Procedures

All Family Medical Leave Act leaves are handled by the University’s FMLA/Leave Team, which is part of the Central HR/Benefits Office. If you are an employee who is in need of exploring a leave under FMLA please contact The University Leave Team as noted below. If you are a supervisor who learns of a situation which may be FMLA eligible please pass on the University Leave Team's contact information.

MSU Extension Human Resources will communicate approval/denial of FMLA, work restrictions, etc. to the employee's supervisor as the information becomes available and is also available to assist with general questions as needed. We can be reached at (517) 353-9108 or by email to msue.hr@campusad.msu.edu.

For additional information regarding the University FMLA process go here.

Non-academic FMLA Information

Academic FMLA Information



Weekly Time Sheet

Effective December 1, 2016 all MSU non-exempt employees (i.e. those eligible for payment of hours worked outside of their regular schedule) will be submitting a weekly time sheet. For MSU Extension this includes all on and off-campus CT-Type positions. These employees complete the weekly time sheet and email it to their supervisor for additional processing.

Monthly Time Sheet (Program Instructors, Community Nutrition Instructors, 4-H Program Coordinators):

Temporary, On-Call and Student Employees (on and off-campus):

Paid Medical Leave Act (temporary employees)