Gaining Access to PEARS

To log in to PEARS go to 


Access to PEARS

To gain access to the Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS) all users must complete two steps

  1. Complete Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Institutional Review Board (IRB) training at 
  2. Read MSU's Institutional Data Policy at and sign and submit the Institutional Data Policy Acknowledgement Form found at 
  3. Submit your information and your signed IDP form to this qualtrics survey



Complete HRPP/IRB Training by

  • Go to and login
  • Under "My Requirements" click on Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB)
  • Click on the title "Overview of Human Research Protection" and click launch
  • Click launch the course
  • Complete the Overview of Human Research Protection course
  • Once you have completed the course navigate back to "My Requirements", click on "Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB).
  • Then click on the title of the second course "Ethics and Regulations in Human Research"
  • Click launch, and then launch the course
  • Complete the Ethics and Regulatory Considerations course
  • Confirm you have completed both courses by going to "My Menu" and looking for "Overview of Human Research Protection" and "Ethics and Regulations in Human Research" both of these should have a status of "Finished". If so, you have completed the HRPP/IRB training.

Institutional Data Policy Acknowledgement Submission

After you complete these steps, Norma Lundeen will receive an alert to set you up with an account in PEARS. You will receive an email from PEARS with login information.


Human Research Protection Program Institutional Review Board Training


Beginning January 1, 2020 Michigan State University Extension will require all employees whose roles require access to the Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS) to have human research protection training through the MSU Institutional Review Board (IRB). This online training is required by the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) under the Office of Regulatory Affairs for MSU staff conducting research activities with human subjects. IRB certification involves completing a short, online training which lasts for roughly 30 minutes. At this time the IRB certification does not expire.

It is important to note that HRPP/IRB certification applies to individual staff members, not to specific projects. This certification simply allows our staff to be members of research teams. Staff are still responsible for getting IRB approval for any individual research/evaluation projects or other data collection efforts involving human subjects.


Any MSU Extension employee whose role requires use of the PEARS system must complete IRB training.


HRPP/IRB certification is required for PEARS users because PEARS houses data currently under IRB oversite. This HRPP/IRB certification will also allow for engagement of our staff and faculty in research projects across Michigan State University. By participating in human research protection training, MSU staff and faculty will have the knowledge necessary to safely and securely handle data in the PEARS system.


Anyone using the PEARS system needs to complete HRPP/IRB training before gaining access to the system. For existing faculty and staff, this will need to be completed by December 31, 2019 in order to gain access to PEARS in January of 2020.

Where? How?

This training can be accessed by going to and following the instructions for the Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) training. The training takes around 30 minutes to complete.