Good Governance

A healthy, resilient, thriving community requires leadership and vision from its public officials. Communities throughout Michigan are saddled with legacies from the old economy and are under severe fiscal stress. The leaders within these communities are oftentimes interested in embracing a new economy approach but need tools and skills to manage their current fiscal situation and learn techniques to be more competitive in the future. MSU Extension’s good governance education and tribal government education provides legislators and community leaders with the fundamental skills needed to push their communities forward.

Explore more Good Governance Programs

  • Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities

    A conference about attracting business to your downtown held in a new beautiful, thriving downtown each year with conference sessions held directly in the local businesses that help communities thrive.

  • Current Issues Affecting Michigan Local Governments Webinar Series

    A free bi-monthly webinar series covering issues affecting local governments in Michigan.

  • Fiscal Management

    MSU Extension works to provide training to local elected leaders in Michigan’s 1,858 townships, villages, cities and counties; 608 school districts, 456 special purpose authorities, 14 multi-county regions, and 12 federally recognized tribal nations.

  • Michigan at a Crossroads

    The Michigan at a Crossroads Policy Guide features analysis of Michigan's most pressing policy issues facing newly elected leaders.

  • Michigan Ballot Proposal Forum

    MSU Extension provides unbiased analysis on Michigan's statewide ballot proposals that voters will see on the November ballot. Voters can learn what a YES and NO vote means, its impact, and attend an online forum to ask questions.

  • Zoning Administrator Certificate Program

    Teaches zoning administration techniques in ways that reduce legal risks to the zoning administrator and their community.