Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment provides an opportunity for academically talented undergraduate students to enroll in graduate courses and conduct research towards a graduate degree while completing the last two years of their bachelor's degree(s) programs.


*Current MSU undergraduate, non-Packaging majors should consider the Packaging Bridge Program which allows students to complete requirements to meet admission eligibility. 

How to Apply for Dual Enrollment

For admission to the Packaging MS Graduate Program:

  • Schedule an appointment with Aaron Tucker, Packaging Undergraduate Advisor, to discuss eligibility and courses.
      • Up to 9 qualifying 400-level (or higher) credits may be taken at the undergraduate level. Credits may not be split.
  • Complete a Request for Dual Enrollment Status form.
      • Obtain Aaron's signature.
      • Sign the form and leave it with Aaron for additional processing.
  • Submit the MSU Application for Admission and be admitted into the Packaging MS Program.
      • Follow up with Cathie Allison, Graduate Program Coordinator to ensure your application has been received and is complete.
  • A student who is accepted for dual enrollment can be admitted to both the undergraduate and graduate degree program upon reaching junior standing.

Additional Information - Registrar's Office

Academic Programs Catalog - Dual Enrollment

  • Funding eligibility
  • Tuition rates
  • Financial Aid impact

Important Information

  • Dual enrollment is not retroactive.
    Students must be admitted to the MS program before they take any credits that will be used towards their MS programs. For example, if you will be taking PKG 4xx in the coming Fall semester and will use it towards your MS program, then you must already be admitted to the MS program and request dual enrollment status before Fall semester begins. 
  • Dual enrollment can have significant implications for financial aid and tuition costs.
    There are specific timelines and credit limitations for dual enrollment programs. Students are strongly encouraged to consult the MSU Office of Financial Aid prior to application. Most critically, you will be billed at graduate level tuition rates once you have completed 120 credits at MSU, regardless of whether you have actually completed the courses required to earn your bachelor's degree. In practice, this may not happen right at the moment when you have completed 120 credits, but it might. On the positive side, you will also be eligible for graduate assistantships and fellowships once you have completed 120 credits.