Certificate of Professional Accomplishment

Earning a Certificate of Professional Accomplishment is a wonderful way to enhance your experience and previous education with a concrete focus on technical packaging concepts.  The MSU School of Packaging Certificate Programs are meant for industry professionals working in packaging or a related field looking to enhance their formal education by earning a certificate.  Students in the certificate programs enroll for classes as Life-Long Education (LLE) students and are not subject to the admission requirements of the Masters program. To learn more about and to apply to become a LLE student please visit the MSU registrars page.
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Your science of packaging education consultant is Ms. Cimberly Weir.  Please contact her at any time to start planning your packaging educational goals: cimberly@msu.edu ; 517-353-6797

The Certificate of Professional Accomplishment is granted upon successful completion of two (2) of the following five (5) core curriculum classes (PKG 805, 815, 825, 850 & 875) and one (1) online (section 730) packaging elective course 400 level and above online that total at least 3 credits, excluding 801, 803, 804.  A minimum grade of 2.0 must be achieved in each course to receive the certificate and an overall gpa of 3.0 must be maintained after 9 credits to remain a LLE student at Michigan State University. 

PKG 805 Advanced Packaging Dynamics (3 cr.) Spring
Shock & Vibration. Distribution hazards and product fragility. Cushion performance and package design. Environmental measurement and simulation.

PKG 815 Permeability and Shelf Life (3 cr.) Spring 
Relationship between the storage life of packaged food and pharmaceutical products and the gas, moisture and organic vapor permeability of packages in various environments.

PKG 825 Polymeric Packaging Materials Fall (4 cr.)
Physical, mechanical and chemical properties of packaging polymers and multilayer structures; relationship between properties and performance of packaging materials and systems; processing of packaging plastics.

PKG 850 Packaging Value Chain (3 cr.)
Packaging value chain from raw material supplier to retailers in context of meeting current needs. Global exploration of value chain strategies to increase innovation, sustainability, cost savings, quality, organizational agility, responsiveness.

PKG 875 Stability & Recyclability of Packaging Materials (3 cr.) Fall of Odd Years
Interactions between packaging materials and environments: corrosion, degradation, stabilization and recycling. Impacts of packaging disposal.


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