Certificate of Technical Accomplishment

Certificate Programs: Professionals working in packaging or a related field who do not wish to pursue the Master’s degree program may enhance their formal education by earning a certificate. This certificate is designed for students without a degree in packaging however have the appropriate skills in math and science needed to complete most of the studies. Students in the certificate programs enroll for classes as Life-Long Education students and are not subject to the admission requirements of the Master’s program.   To learn more about and to apply to become a Life-Long Education student please visit the MSU Registrar's Page
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This certificate is granted upon the successful completion of the following curriculum.  A minimum grade of 2.0 must be achieved in each course to receive the certificate and an overall gpa of 3.0 must be maintained after 9 credits to remain a LLE student at Michigan State University.  

PKG 801 Packaging Materials (4 cr.) Fall

Physical and chemical properties of glass, metals, wood, paper, paperboard and plastics. Methodologies of conversion and manufacture. Design, use and evaluation of packages.

PKG 803 Packaging Distribution and Dynamics (2 cr.) Spring
Packaging machinery and line operations, statistical process control. Transportation environment. Distribution packaging design and testing.

PKG 804 Packaging Processes (2 cr.) Spring 
Integrated study of packaging and production operations, quality control, organization and control of machines. Interrelationship of products, packaging, machinery layout and efficiency, and quality issues.

Any PKG 400 level and above online course that total at least 3 credits (you may chose two 2 credit courses if you wish.) 

For descriptions go to:  http://www.reg.msu.edu/Courses/Search.asp 

Tuition and Fees (Resident and Non-Resident)


Michigan State University will not be offering certain online programs to students based on their residence at the time of application for admission to Michigan State University - see State-By-State Summary https://esp.msu.edu/StateSummary.pdf


Applicants or students enrolling in any course or program shall be notified if graduates of the program in which they are enrolling qualify to sit for any licensure, licensure exam, third party certification, third party certification exam, or similar credential related to the program’s field of study. This notice shall be clearly stated and given regardless of whether or not the license, certification, or other credential is required for entry into the student’s chosen field of study or occupation. The notification shall be in writing and signed or otherwise acknowledge by the student.


Professional Licensure. Michigan State University has not determined whether online or hybrid courses or programs meet the requirements for professional licensure outside the state of Michigan. Applicants or students need to contact the applicable licensing board(s) in the states they wish to purse licensure before seeking admission or beginning study in a course or program.