Rules and Requirements

Rules and Regulations:

To successfully participate in the internship program and to assure fairness and ethical practices, there are rules that must be followed.   It is your responsibility to know and follow these rules.  Failure to do so may result in losing access to the School’s and University’s placement services in future internship or job searches.

  1. You must be officially admitted to the packaging major.
  2. PKG 315, 322 and 323 must be completed before the internship begins.
  3. The internship course allows a second enrollment, so two internships are possible.
  4. Internships are taken in your Junior or Senior year and are not available to you after graduation.
  5. Enrollment is required during all internships (first and second).
  6. It is expected that you will act responsibly and ethically when participating in this program. Thus, it is expected that you will show up for all interviews, cancel interviews with as much notice as possible and not renege on accepted positions.


  1. Complete the internship application to enroll in the PKG 493 course
  1. Enrollment in PKG 493 is required for all Internships. PKG 493, taken the first, time counts toward your Packaging elective requirements.  Taken the second time (should you get a second  internship) it is counted as general elective credit.  This policy will be strictly enforced.  Students who don’t enroll in the internship course as required will be blocked from using Handshake and will have a “Dean’s Hold” placed on any future enrollment at MSU.  So consider wisely and realize that the experience gained is worth the investment.
  1. PKG 493 is a Pass/No Pass course. To get a “P” grade you will:
  • Successfully complete the full length of the internship.
  • Receive good work performance evaluations.
  • Complete all of the written assignments.
  1. Always enroll in regular classes as you normally would for the entire school year. Once you get a Position, and the coordinator has processed an override, you can add PKG 493 and drop other classes.