You Got an Internship…Now What?

Next Steps:

About the midterm of the semester, the placement coordinator will send out the Notification of Internship form.  Please fill out the form and return it, signed, to the placement coordinator's office.  You will then be required to go to the School’s website and apply for an override to PKG 493.  You will be notified by the academic advisor when the override is granted so that you can sign up for the course.  Once the D2L site is set up (you will be e-mailed when it is available), you should complete the “Before You Leave” section.  All coursework for the class will be administered through D2L, so check the site often.

Work with the employer to arrange housing for your internship.  They should give you assistance with this, although it may be your responsibility to find and arrange a place to stay.  In most cases you can also work with the student currently on internship at that company.  Also, view the Compensation & Housing Reports and Student Internship Reviews on the Packaging Internship Website.

Be aware of the fact that there will be some out-of-pocket expenses that you will need to cover when taking an internship.  These might include housing deposits, utility hook-ups, clothes, etc.  Although most employers will cover travel expenses it is often offered on a reimbursement basis and depending on the pay cycle it may be a week or two before you get your first paycheck.

 Internship Application

The internship application is to enroll in PKG 493.