Serge Adjognon

Serge Adjognon

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PhD Student, Job Candidate
Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics


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I am an applied economist interested in international development and poverty reduction.  My research interests include agricultural technology adoption and diffusion, agricultural finance, private sector led market development and agricultural value chain transformations. 

My job market paper draws evidence from a framed field experiment in NIgeria to explore how information sharing and dyamic incentives together can solve market failures in rural financial markets.  With weak or nonexistent institutions for contract enforcement in most rural areas of sub Saharan Africa, innovative approaches to agricultural input finance are necessary.  Though cognizant of the important role of government in creating a conducive atmosphere for economic agents, this paper focuses on a private sector led approach to input market development.

I have a strong background in microeconomic theory and econometrics.  I have had practical experience with experimental research design and am well-versed in both cross section and panel data estimation techniques, quasi-experimental methods, and spatial econometrics.

My expected graduation date is May 2016.