Alexander Hopkins

Alexander Hopkins

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B.S., Mathematics, Honors, University of Iowa
A.S., Rock Valley College

Major professor: Satish Joshi

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Expected graduation date: Spring 2023

Degree type: Ph.D.

Areas of Specialization: Environmental Economics, Cap-and-Trade Programs, Carbon Markets, Event Studies

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Job Market Paper: Testing Recent European Carbon Futures Markets for Weak-Form Efficiency 

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Alexander is interested in environmental and energy economics, with a focus on topics in finance. His current work examines cap-and-trade programs, investment in green technology, and the policymaking procedures related to pollution control programs. His research uses applied econometrics techniques, namely time series methods. Before he joined the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics in 2019, he was a Ph.D. student for a year in the Department of Mathematics at Michigan State University. After joining AFRE, he found his interest in environmental finance in one of his second-year courses and began forming independent research ideas that ultimately matured into his current research.