Ted Ferris

Ted Ferris

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Adjunct Professor
Department of Animal Science


BS, Pennsylvania State University
MS, Michigan State University
PhD, Michigan State University


Extension efforts were focused on providing educational programs for producers and agribusiness professionals on dairy management; including use of herd management information, human resource management, and biosecurity. Current efforts include developing materials to:

  • Assist producers assess and enhance farm level biosecurity.
  • Working with Extension educators and industry to connect the public with modern food production.


Provided information, tools and access to data for producers and agribusiness professionals resulting in improved management and management decision making, including:

  • Developing a database of biosecurity practices used by progressive Michigan dairy and beef producers.
  • Determining factors that impede developmePnt of farm gate biosecurity (visitor) protocols on Michigan dairy and beef farms.
  • Assessing issues and opportunities facing Michigan’s dairy industry.
  • Evaluating the impact of “Breakfast on the Farm” events as a way to inform, education, and connect the public to food production and to better understand public impressions of dairy farms.