Lomodei Evans

Lomodei Evans

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Turkana University College, Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
Omo-Turkana Research Network


Lomodei Evans is a fulltime faculty member in the biological and physical sciences department at Turkana University College (e.lomodei@tuc.ac.ke) and a continuing doctoral student in the Fisheries and Aquatic Science department at University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

His doctoral research entails participatory ecosystem modelling approach using Ecopath and Ecosim with Ecospace in assessing combined impacts of climate change and fishing in Malindi-Ungwana Bay in Kenya.

Back home in Lake Turkana, Lomodei is interested in studying biology, behaviour and stock status of small endemic, pelagic and planktivorous brycinus ferox and Brycinus minutus.

In the past, he has worked in Lake Turkana as a fisheries officer under Turkana County Government from February 2015 to April 2018 and participated in the Omo-Turkana transboundary basin fisheries management plan validation workshop held in Bishoftu, Ethiopia in August 2019, courtesy of IGAD.