Madonna Benjamin, DVM, MS

Madonna Benjamin

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Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
Master of Science

Madonna Benjamin (nee Gemus), DVM, MS is an Assistant Professor, Swine Extension Veterinarian, in Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine. She achieved her DVM from University of Guelph (1995),  residency in swine health, and masters in animal welfare from Michigan State University (1998) and practiced food animal production medicine in Alberta, Canada until 2012. 

  • Research interests for 2020-2021
    • Precision Livestock Farming - To meld economic decisions, mitigation strategies, labor efficiencies and individual animal welfare through 1) Visual imaging to evaluate body condition and weight in cull sows; 2) Establishing rural connectivity to improve farm economics and animal welfare; 3) Develop of on-farm robust data collection devices. 
    • Alternatives to captive bolt application sites in mature swine. 
  • Outreach in MSU - Extension for 2020-2021
    • Systematic observation to identify compromised animals within a population.
    • Animal handling - National Pork Board and Michigan Low Stress Handling.
    • Controlling pathogens at the source
      • Quantitative field study assessment of airborne virus load as a result of manure transfer.
      • Reducing pathogen incidence in exhibition and show pigs - Health Champions
    • Producer programs
      • National Pork Board - Task Force - Animal Management during Foreign Animal Disease
      • Common Swine Industry Audit (CSIA), Transport and Pork Quality Assurance Programs
      • Michigan's Secure Pork Supply (Foreign Animal Disease and Zoonosis Response) 
      • Biosecurity training to livestock transporters, service providers and swine producers
    • Veterinary programs
      • Antibiotic Guidance, AMDUCA and FARAD 
      • Biosecurity Planning for Veterinarians and Vet Students for Biosecurity Affidavits. 
      • Small (extensive) farms database.