Phung Van Khoa

Phung Van Khoa

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Adjunct Associate Professor, Carbon Sequestration
Department of Forestry


PhD in Earth Sciences (2006). Colorado State University.
MS in Forestry (1997). Vietnam Forestry University.
BS in Silvics (1995). Vietnam Forestry University.

Current Position(s)

Vice president of Vietnam National University of Forestry, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Research Interests

Understanding carbon sequestration in the forest and quantifying the forest’s environmental services.

Applying GIS and Remote Sensing in forest, natural resources management, and REDD+.

Studying forest and land use hydrology at all scales and watershed science.

Improving the riparian zones to meet the requirement of bank stabilization and erosion reduction in combination with biodiversity conservation.

Promoting the research cooperation and graduate training in forest and natural resources management through the establishment of cooperative relationships among universities, companies, governmental agencies, and NGOs.

Selected Publications

Phung Van Khoa. 2009. Riparian forest ecosystem restoration for Agriculture and river basin sustainable management: A case study of Cau river, Vietnam. Vietnam Agriculture and Rural Development Journal, November 2009.

Phung Van Khoa. 2009. Application of the Median Number in Watershed Management. Economic-Ecology Journal. Vietnam. March 2009.

Vuong Van Quynh, Phung Van Khoa. 1999. Water Holding Capacity of Pine Forest in the Experimental Areas of Vietnam Forestry University. Vietnam Forestry Review Magazine. October 1999.