Rishabh Tiwari

Rishabh Tiwari

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Master's Student
Sustainable Materials Group


Degree: Packaging & Printing Engineer from University of Mumbai

Currently Pursuing: Master’s (Thesis)

Worked for: Unilever Industries Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Sustainable packaging solutions in Skin cleansing R&D (Lifebuoy, Dove, Lux & Pears)
  2. Lifebuoy soap bar flow wrap development
  3. St. Ive’s soap paper wrapper development
  4. Lifebuoy & Dove stiffener removal packaging
  5. Stationery packaging development for Pen+Gear (Walmart), Office Depot, Case-Mate, Universal, Nataraj, Apsara.
  6. E-Com packaging for Lenovo & Canon.
  7. Pet bottle development for Aquaguard water purifier.
  8. Weight optimization of Parachute hair oil bottles using parison programming

Currently working as: Research Assistant at School of Packaging (Sustainable material’s group)

Duration in the group: Oct’22 - Present

Area of interest: Packaging sustainability, bio based & biodegradable packaging, 3D modelling & prototyping