Ruoqi Ping

Ruoqi Ping

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Master's Student
Sustainable Materials Group


Degree: B.S. in Food Science with a packaging concentration.

Ruoqi Ping earned a professional chef qualification in China in the fall of 2016. He started working at the MSU dairy factory in May 2018. He has experience in food production, nutrition testing, product development, sensory testing, and food safety. He received his Bachelor’s degree in food science in December 2018. Today, he is a professional research assistant working on biodegradable food-safe packaging, self-cleaning packaging, and modification of biodegradable polymers. He hopes to transfer the accumulated knowledge and work experience to a future job in food packaging.

Projects worked on: Biodegradable paper coating, Water- and Oil-resistant Paper Coatings, modification of biodegradable polymer for coating application, food nutrition analysis, food product development, Food Processing and quality enhancement

Duration in the group: May 2019 – Present .

Areas of Interest: Food-safe packaging, Bio-based polymers, biodegradable materials, sustainability, food quality  (e.g., nutrition, shelf-life, safety), dairy product production, cereal processing (e.g. extrusion technology), sanitation of processing equipment, sensory science.