Shouyun Cheng

Shouyun Cheng

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Postdoctoral Researcher
Sustainable Materials Group


Degree: Ph.D.

Dr. Cheng earned his PhD from South Dakota State University in May 2017. He has extensive research experiences in biomass pyrolysis and liquefaction, bio-oil catalytic cracking and hydrodeoxygenation, catalyst design, preparation, characterization and evaluation, food extruding, nano cellulose and protein peptides production, polymer synthesis, characterization and application.

Project worked on: Innovation for Improved Sustainability: Scalable Approach for the Preparation of Thermoplastic Starches and their Composites for Applications in Biodegradable Packaging.

Duration in the group: August 2017- April 2018.

Areas of Interest: Polycarbonates and polyesters synthesis, characterization and application.