Wonmin Sohn

Wonmin Sohn

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Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture
School of Planning, Design and Construction



Bachelor: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Seoul National University.
Master: Master of Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University.
PhD: Doctorate in urban and regional sciences from Texas A&M University.

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Wonmin Sohn is an assistant professor of landscape architecture in the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction. She is an active researcher with diverse experiences in landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, GIS and hydrologic modeling. Sohn’s research focuses on stormwater management, low impact development, green infrastructure, landscape spatial patterns, urban resilience and climate change. Sohn’s research goal is to enhance resilience of urban watersheds in response to frequent and infrequent flood events by empirically or hypothetically assessing performance of stormwater management techniques under changing climate conditions. Before she joined MSU, she was involved in diverse interdisciplinary research projects working with Urban and Regional Planning, Civil Engineering, Horticulture, Forestry, and Public Health. The projects include water quality monitoring of a bioswale, assessment of post-development impacts on urban watersheds, and green infrastructure plan evaluation funded by Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M University, Sea Grant, etc. Sohn’s specialty lies in spatial and geostatistical analysis mainly using the Python programming language and software, including GIS, FRAGSTATS and GeoDa. She has expanded her research interests to assess the hydrologic and hydraulic role of multiscale flood mitigation techniques to effectively and systematically manage future development with an increasing storm intensity and frequency. Sohn has taught a wide spectrum of core curriculum courses in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Programs, including urban and landscape design studios, construction courses, and a digital graphic communication course. She has emphasized data-driven innovations and landscape performance in her teaching to support evidence-based design. Sohn has received more than 20 honors and awards in academia.