Zaire Parrotte

Zaire Parrotte

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4-H Program Coordinator
Eaton County Extension Office



Zaire Parrotte is a Michigan State University Extension 4-H Program Coordinator in Eaton County.

Her childhood enthrallment of world history, religions, and different cultures and countries blossomed her into a proud cum laude alumna of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology. Her ultimate mission is to advocate and advance sustainable and community-led innovations to dismantle global challenges. She strives to unceasingly learn to achieve positive change for the global community and holistic growth for herself. 

She regards 4-H as an acclaimed and dynamic organization that empowers the youth to shape their environment, lead their community, and grow their future. She is most excited to see what sparks the youth's soul as they learn by doing! Lastly, some personal hobbies that excites her are playing video games, watching nature, cultural, and history documentaries, listening to music and exploring nature trails. 

It is her pleasure to serve the youth and their community!