2020 Michigan Good Food Summit - Farm to Institution: Pandemic Updates from the Field

October 20, 2020 - Caroline Michniak, Sarah Monte, John Fay, Larry Weber, Glenn Noffsinger, Xaviar Jaramillo, Carolyn Thomas, Keith Soster, Grant Fletcher, Janine Oberstadt

In this challenging, ever-changing time for institutional foodservice operators and food suppliers, this MFIN Virtual Network Meeting brought together Foodservice professionals, farmers, food suppliers, and vendors as well as farm to institution supporters and advocates for learning, connecting, and celebrating.  

As part of the Michigan Good Food Virtual Summit, this meeting agenda included: 

  • A virtual Michigan Apple Crunch celebration, 
  • A forum with foodservice professionals and food suppliers sharing first-hand updates from the field including adaptations to operations in response to the pandemic, and 
  • Space for attendees to connect with each other about adaptations, questions, needs, and offers.  

Speakers in Updates from the Field include: 

The MFIN Management Team members who contributed to this webinar include:

  • Colleen Matts, CRFS
  • Mariel Borgman, MSU Extension
  • Noel Bielaczyc, CRFS
  • Garrett Ziegler, MSU Extension
  • Abbey Palmer, MSU Extension
  • Abby Harper, MSU Extension
  • Zaire Parrotte, CRFS
  • Lindsey Scalera, CRFS


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