Convening and engaging food councils through peer-to-peer learning to build individual and collective capacity, address food and food policy issues, and engage communities.

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How we connect: Statewide Food Policy Council Network Meetings

The Michigan Local Food Council Network (MLFCN) is a space for community food policy advocates to come together. Through our monthly meetings, members build skills and learn about statewide initiatives. They also participate in trainings, educational cohorts, and coaching groups. The MLFCN focuses on assisting grassroots advocacy groups in creating and working towards improved food outcomes for their communities. To get connected, join our monthly meetings, check out our resources, or reach out to learn more.



Connect michigan.pngWhat we do: Strengthening Food Policy Councils Statewide

As a Center for Regional Food Systems project, MLFCN is committed to strengthening food councils statewide to create equitable and sustainable food systems. We're dedicated to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and building a stronger, more resilient food system for all Michiganders. Our network comprises a diverse group of representatives, community members, and stakeholders from various sectors of the food system, all working together to make Michigan's food system more sustainable, equitable, and accessible.



MLFCN Peer Advisor Program 

This program allows council members with experience in particular areas to share their unique knowledge with other councils, advancing each council’s work, further developing food systems leaders.

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Groceries.pngWhat is a Food Policy Council?

MLFCN defines a food policy council as a group of representatives, community members, and stakeholders from many sectors of the food system. These councils are formed to organize, define, and amplify the needs and voices of their communities surrounding issues of food security, sustainability, equity, and accessibility. 

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Food Policy Council Map

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“The Michigan Local Food Council Network is my no-miss meeting every month. I get so much good information out of it. We get such good connections. In the last Farm Bill cycle, not the current one, they helped convene a group of us to do some cross-state advocacy. So, we had people from Washtenaw, and people from Ottawa County, and we were able to figure out some statewide messaging that we all worked on together.”Amy Kuras, DETROIT FOOD POLICY COUNCIL RESEARCH & POLICY PROGRAM MANAGER

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What we offer: Resources for Food Policy Councils

MLFCN serves as the network coordinator, working in tandem with local councils to amplify their collective voice throughout the state. By providing resources, facilitating connections, and promoting best practices, we empower local councils to drive positive change within their communities. 

Our team provides a number of ongoing meetings, cohort training, and one-off seminars and workshops for food policy council members. Learn more about our events.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, and resources by following us on social media, subscribing to the MLFCN listserv, or reaching out to the team directly.