• A Matter of Balance

    Falling doesn't have to be a part of aging. A Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels.

  • Eat Healthy, Be Active

    Learn the skills you need to make healthy eating and regular physical activity a part of your lifestyle. Eat Healthy, Be Active is a six-week nutrition and physical activity program for adults.

  • Eat Smart, Live Strong

    Eat Smart, Live Strong news, programming and other resources from MSU Extension.

  • My Way to Wellness

    My Way to Wellness is a free online nutrition program available to individuals living in Michigan who are eligible for supplemental food assistance. Learn how to make healthy activity and food choices that fit into your budget and lifestyle!

  • PATH

    PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) is a six-week workshop designed to support individuals who face daily challenges of living with chronic conditions.

  • Peak Health and Performance

    Peak Health and Performance is a program designed to provide young athletes with sound nutrition education, so they can improve their athletic performance as well as their overall health.

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention

    Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention combines slow movement, deep breathing, and focused intention to help people improve strength, balance and posture while helping prevent falls.

  • Walk With Ease

    Walk With Ease is a six-week, evidence-based walking program that includes discussion on osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia as well as managing pain and stiffness, and stretching and strengthening exercises.