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Selected Publications

A Ban on One is a Boon for the Other: Strict Gasoline Content Rules and Implicit Ethanol Blending Mandates (with Andrew Elzinga), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Volume 67, Issue 3, May 2014, Pages 258–273 

What Do Consumers Believe About Future Gasoline Prices? (with Ryan Kellogg and James Sallee), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 66 (3): 383-403, November 2013. 

The Demand for Ethanol as a Gasoline Substitute, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 62 (2) 151-168, March 2012.

Using Loopholes to Reveal the Marginal Cost of Regulation: The Case of Fuel-Economy Standards, (with James Sallee), American Economic Review 101 (4): 1375-1409, June 2011.

“Automobile Fuel Economy Standards: Impacts, Efficiency, and Alternatives,” (with I.W.H. Parry, J.M. Sallee, and C. Fischer), Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 2011. http://Doi:10.1093/reep/req021